AeroBed Opticomfort

Pump & Valve 2 years
Mattress 1 year

AeroBed Platiumn Raised Pillowtop

Pump & Valve 2 years
Mattress 1 year

AeroBed Active All Terrain

Pump & Valve 1 year
Mattress 1 year

                                             If there is a Warranty Claim

Under the Consumers Guarantee Act the warranty rest between the retailer and the purchaser.
Return product to the retail store that you purchased your AeroBed.
Make sure you take the receipt of purchase.
It is up to the retailer to evaluate the bed, if it is a warranty issue they will then contact AeroBed.
Aerobed International will send a replacement back to the retail store for you to pick up.
Evaluation could take up to 10 business days.
Important:  These beds are not designed for everyday use, nor are they recommended for people with medical problems.
If you do have it inflated for extended periods of time , this kind of constant pressure on the internal seams can pose an issue when inflation is prolonged.Seams can collapse under constant Air pressure

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